Training Trends provides tools to help coaches coach and athletes perform.

How do you get started with Training Trends?

  1. Register for a free account
  2. Follow the instructions within the application to link your Training Trends account to Strava (optional)
  3. Complete your daily log
  4. Get instant feedback into your fatigure / recovery / stress levels and what you can be doing to better manage your training.
  5. Track your Training Readiness Score over time

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How can Training Trends help you?

Athlete's Life Log

Track your health, fatigue, stress levels and habits using the Training Trends Life log.
Share your information with your coach so they can see the person behind the athlete.

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Training Readiness

Should you rest, train easy or go for it? Your Training Readiness Score quantifies your physical and mental readiness to train.

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Training Load

Are you risking injury by training too much? Could you train more or should you train less? Your ACUTE:CHRONIC Training Ratio can help you understand changes in your relative training load.

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Coaches Dashboard

Coaches get an overview of the person behind the athlete - their health, life load, stress levels and training all in one place. Know when you need to intervene and with who, right from a single source.


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