Stress Scores

Stress scores in Training Trends are used to represent the physiological stress an athlete endures during a training sesssion. Key points about stress scores in Training Trends:

  • A stress score of 100 is the equivalent of training for 1 hour at threshold intensity.
  • A stress score of 50 therefore represents half an hour at threshold intensity or an hour at a very low intensity.
  • Stress scores in Training Trends are calculated based off heart rate data (where available) or a default level. We do not use pace or power for stress score calculations as these are based on consistent and accurate testing of thresholds across multiple sports and if not done precisely can lead to inaccurate scores.
  • Stress scores in Training Trends are a measure of the work the body is putting in to a sesssion - not necesssarily the power or speed they are producing. For example, when an athlete is tired they may put a lot of effort into a session but end up with a lower output (power, pace etc). Their body has still been stressed but due to outside circumstances they did not produce the output they would have produced if they were rested.
  • Lactate threshold heart rate (set on the athletes profile) is used to calculate the stress score.