Why does Training Trends only integrate with Strava?

Training Trends pulls your training data from Strava (if you link Training Trends to your Strava account). Why do we do this? Why not pull from any of the other training platforms?

There are a number of reasons why we pull data from Strava, including:

  1. It's widely supported. No matter what type of device you use (pretty much) you can integrate it's data into Strava. This means that Training Trends is compatible with data originating on a Garmin device, Polar, many phones etc.
  2. It's free! Training Trends operates off a very small budget so we have to be cost conscience and access to the Strava API (where we pull the data from) is free. Other large platforms either do not have an open API or charge a fortune for access to their APIs so Strava is a great option.

But isn't all my data shared with the world when I link it to Strava? Not necessarily. You can set your account to Private and your activity defaults to private and they will still work with Training Trends but the rest of the world won't see them. You can also mark only certain activities as private and they will still be pulled into Training Trends but hidden from the rest of the world. You can find out more about how to do this here.

Strava is a really great platform that offers great flexibility and is very open. We at Training Trends are big fans of Strava for this.