About Training Trends

Training Trends is a new generation training platform which aims to help athletes get the most from their training by helping them recover better and better understand their progress.
The current release schedule for Training Trends is as follows:
Version Features
1: Initial Release (May 2017)
  • Basic platform and registration capabilities
  • Training Readiness Assessment (and related functionality)
  • Basic integration to Strava to support Training Readiness Assessment
2: Coaches Release (July 2017)
  • Allow coaches to see their athletes TRA (with permission from athlete). This will give coaches a unique perspective on their athletes lives, helping them to become better coaches.
  • Support paid subscription for coaches (athletes to remain free)
3: Trends Release (Oct 2017)
  • Provide functionality to track athlete performance over time, for example, is an athletes long ride power / long run pace increasing over time?
  • Add support for Trackers which are athlete defined metrics to be tracked over time. An example could be power output within a given heart rate range or something as simple as the time take to run aroudn the block.
NB. This release schedule is subject to change.

Guiding Principles

  • Take athletes and coaches personal information and privacy VERY seriously. Do everything possible to protect all their personal data.
  • Use studied scientific appraoches wen at all possible. If a new research paper is released providing strong evidence of some metric or appraoch that can support endurance athletes then investigate to see whether this papers findings can be introduced into Training Trends.
  • Take advantage of growing technical areas to improve the information available to coaches and athletes, for example, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Please send any feedback you have on this page to: feedback@traintrends.com.